Welcome to the sweet world of hitschler

Welcome to the sweet world of hitschler!

For the 80th birthday of our company, we have redesigned the sweet hitschler world for you. We have modernised our logo; we have changed our packaging, and together with you we want to establish a social media community. Follow along to Instagram - become our facebook fan and be a part of the hitschler world.


brizzl Ufos Frucht
Softi Cubes Kaubonbon 8er Stange
Bunte Schnüre in der Dose
Mallows Duo-Rauten
Softi Cubes Netz
Mallow Cubes
Bunter Party Mix
Erdbeer Schnüre
Bunte Schnüre
Erdbeer-Schnüre in der Dose
Apfel-Schnüre in der Dose
Goldmünzen Schoko
Volles Rohr Mix