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(DLG). For lasting product quality, hitschler International GmbH & Co. KG of Cologne has now been awarded the "Prize for Long-Term Product Quality" in Cologne, by DLG (German Agricultural Society), for the fourth time. The company's regular quality performance at the International DLG Quality Checks for Confectionery convinced the jury of experts.
For many years, DLG experts have voluntarily tested the food industry products. To promote sustainability and high quality aspirations, DLG awards the "Prize for Long-Term Product Quality".
Companies have to take part in the International Quality Tests conducted by DLG at its Food Test Centre for five consecutive years and shall receive at least three awards per year. From its fifth successful year of participation, the company is awarded the "Long-term Product Quality Award". If a manufacturer does not participate in a year or does not reach the required number of awards, it loses the possibility to claim the award.
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Just in time for the international trade fair for sweets and snacks, the local newspaper “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” visited us to look behind the scenes. The result is a great article about our product development using the example of our new product spider legs.

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In November 2017, Philip Hitschler-Becker, grandson of Walter Hitschler, follows in the footsteps of his grandfather. Having grown up with the brand and the products since his early childhood, he now continues the tradition of the Cologne-based family business. With the arrival of the fourth Hitschler generation, the family's enthusiasm for sweets lives on.

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Rewe revels in nostalgia and has embarked on a journey to the 20 coolest retro sweets. And as if that alone was not a reason to celebrate, they also put our brizzl Ufos in first place! We are very happy about this galactically good news!

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Since 2011, the YoungBrandAwards have been held annually to find the most popular brands among German youth and young adults. The national online voting is one of the largest independent brand votes in Germany. After the nomination of the TOP 6 brands in 28 categories in January each year (as part of a separate representative study), the voting starts in May and ends in early October. We took part in the voting again this year and achieved a great fourth place after a successful nomination.


Ranking of the 6 nominated brands 2017 in the category "Candy":

1st place: Haribo

2nd place: Katjes

3rd place: Nimm 2

4th place: hitschler

5th place: Mentos

6th place: TicTac


We are very happy about the nice results, congratulate all winners and would like to thank all voting participants!


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